[Playlist] YOOKiE’s Late Summer Vibes
[Playlist] YOOKiE’s Late Summer Vibes

With their latest salvo in their ongoing takeover of the bass music scene surfacing on Spinnin’ Records, the ever-impressive duo known as YOOKiE link up with Slander for an epic end-of-the-summer anthem “One Life.”

The perfect blend of future and trap vibes cranked down into euphoric dream territory, Zack Sorgen’s heart-wrenching vocals find the perfect home on top of the exquisite production that the crew is bringing to the table. With the tune guaranteed to bring on the goosebumps we thought we’d tap YOOKiE to hit us with a playlist stacked with late-summer vibes to ease the pain of watching the seasons change.

Before we get into the beats though, we had to ask how the Slander collab even came about in the first place.

YOOKiE: The idea just came and we hit up Slander to work on it with us. We were sitting on this idea for a while and this type of sound is very different from our normal stuff. We’re used to making bangers and this is more pretty and melodic. We knew Slander had that whole side to them with their heaven trap so we sent it to them. They got the vocals on it, polished it up, and now it’s where it is.

Since both YOOKiE and Slander are duos, we had this vision of you guys meeting for the first time in person and it being like looking into a reflection of an alternate universe. Anything like that go down?

YOOKiE: If you’re not familiar with Dragon Ball Z, look up the Dragon Ball Z fusion name /DANCE. We do that and then me and Anthony fuse together and Derek and Scott fuse, and those two combos make a super person and then that person makes the song. Every single time, we fuse. It’s crazy.

Slander and YOOKiE’s “One Life” is out now via Spinnin’ Records so grab your copy here before hitting play below and letting those ‘Late Summer Vibes’ roll through you.