Point.blank is no stranger to having a mass following of bass music fans, and has hit the ground running with a multitude of releases on imprints like Buygore and more notoriously their sub-label, Fresh Blood. As he swiftly moves up the ranks with each of his releases, he continues to pioneer an unstoppable, aggressive sound that’s become a staple in the pits at festivals across the globe. Thankfully, the Belgium based producer makes a much-welcomed return to Fresh Blood with another bone rattling track aptly titled “Heavy Weight.”

Setting things off on a strong note with a rigid, yet melodic introduction, Point.blank hints at some reggae roots in the DNA of the tune before really putting the pedal to the metal with a high energy build up that hints at the pure destruction on the horizon. Just when you’ve thought you’ve got a grip on what’s to come, “Heavy Weight” sinks its teeth into you and plummets into bass oblivion that’s sure to cause some major bass face.

“Heavy Weight” is out now on Fresh Blood, so make sure you grab your copy here as Point.blank continues to effortlessly perfect his riddim heavy sound while bringing a new design frame to the forefront.