We are introduced to a squirming reverberance accompanied by what sounds like ska chords being played on a radio before they are tossed away. It’s a warm and inviting greeting being extended by the hotly-hitted producer potions on “Practicing Impermanence,” one of the stand-out cuts from his forthcoming EP, They Will Never Find Me Here.

Once he has us on the hook with the intro, ghostly whispers then take over and we are guided by pumping metal. All is released and we are met with steady blasts of warm bass. There’s a quirky yet satisfying grove to the drop. A short breath of air is let in, and everything echos out making it seem like the song has ended abruptly, but we are brought back in for round two. All of the poppy details give the song a three dimensional feel. It’s quite possible you may melt away before the song rings out in a sparkling chyme. 

Potions breaks down the intricacies of his otherworldly creation in his own words:

 “Practicing Impermanence” is the most anomalous number off my forthcoming EP, ‘They Will Never Find Me Here.’ It was written at 127 BPM and, in general, is an exploration of sound design and distortion. The tune kicks off with a longer build full of delayed dotted eighth notes that work to create a dub music inspired ambience. A lot of the bass sounds were recorded on a Moog Sub Phatty running through delay and distortion pedals with some in-the-box processing to boot. The white noise is taken from field recordings and a noise floor texture I recorded on a friends MS20. Overall, it is the heaviest track off the EP and sort of ironically takes sonic cues from dubstep and ‘riddim’ music, but in an ambient/downtempo fashion.

They Will Never Find Me Here is set to release on all platforms, April 21st.