Blasting into the world of production at the young age of 11 and leaning on his keen use of samples, Cody (better known as PredaKoreis a budding producer that has quickly come to make his name known to the masses. With his unique production style and an ear for all things heavy, PredaKore has quickly earned recognition from some of the community’s heaviest hitters following his massive remix of Skrillex’s “Equinox,” a re-lick that has come to earn him several releases on some of bass music’s most respected imprints. Following his contributions to Firepower’s Flatline Vol. 8, PredaKore brings his talents to the eleventh installment of the Flatline series.

Notoriously known for pushing the underground, the Flatline compilation series sets its best foot forward with some of the heaviest tracks to date ready to completely obliterate the scene. Within the roster of tracks, PredaKore jumps in the line of fire with his aptly titled heavy hitter, “Scorched.” Coming in hot with a heavy introduction, “Scorched” gets right to business with this high-energy floor stomper showing off a relentless bassline that’s set to satisfy any bass heads. Letting off the gas pedal for a second, PredaKore gives listeners a break coming in for one last drop that hits in all the right spots with its sweltering bassline that packs a delightful punch.

Flatline Vol. 11 is out this Friday on Firepower Records, so make sure you preserve your copy here and bang out to “Scorched” to hold you over until then.