[Premiere] Alibi + Disaszt “Double Trouble”
[Premiere] Alibi + Disaszt “Double Trouble”

It’s an international affair as the Brazilian duo Alibi (aka Chap and Level 2) lock horns in the studio with the Vienna-based Disaszt for a wicked pair of cuts due to drop soon on Bryan Gee’s UK-based V Recordings.

Both crews have been smashing it up over the past year, with Alibi’s recent remix of Hybrid Minds “Brighter Days” still smashing it up on the festival dancefloor, while the Mainframe Recordings label boss Disaszt continues to crush on all fronts as promoter, DJ, label manager, and hard-hitting producer in his own right.

While each has been hard at work refining their own unique sound, the bringing together of Alibi and Disaszt in the studio has resulted in a breathtaking display of technological and straight up groove prowess that brings the very best each has to offer to the table. From the deep and dirty liquid vibes of “I Got You” to this neurofunk-tinged roller “Double Trouble” we’re premiering below, the trio is obviously onto something good that we hope we see more of in the near future.

The full release on this bad boy drops Friday, August 4 via V Recordings so lock in your pre-order here and check the quick chat we had with the Alibi crew to see how they were able to span half the globe to deliver these untouchable beats.

Your new release with Disaszt is awesome! You guys are in Brazil, he is in Austria…how did you hook up with him?
Alibi: We always talked about music with Disaszt and then we had the idea of doing something together, so we exchanged some samples and “I Got You” and “Double Trouble” came out. It’s a really nice experience for us working with a guy like Daniel, who has been doing a great job with [his label] Mainframe for over 15 years.

The drum & bass scene is so global right now. Who are some of your favorite producers coming through at the moment?
Alibi: We are feeling artists like Phaction, Pola & Brison, Redeyes, Benny L, GLXY, Hybrid Minds…we really could list a thousand names! Talking about Brazilians, we are always playing tunes from L-Side and Urbandawn and S.P.Y, and of course we always are supporting our friends Critycal Dub, Jam Thieves, Simplification, Andrezz and Unreal.

You are known for releasing a wide range of drum & bass. Is this a conscious decision? Do you try to be as varied as possible or is it something more natural, like whatever happens in the studio is what happens?
Alibi: We take the more natural approach. We are always trying to do something different than the usual and leave our “comfort zone.” We believe if we do this we can get great experiences (and music) out of it. We consider ourselves first and foremost as drum & bass producers and DJs and we try not to put any labels on what we create. It’s all about drum & bass!

When you’re in a studio session, do you find that having two heads rather than one can make things go a little easier? Does it make you more productive?
Alibi: Yes, off course! We have a great affinity in the studio and we have the same musical taste. It’s easy for us to find out what we want for a track. Sometimes one of us starts an idea in the morning, then the other develops the idea in the afternoon and we finish together in the evening! It’s great.

What’s next for you guys? Is there an album on the way?
Alibi: Yes! Currently we are working on our very first album and we are making some new tracks with nice people like Riya, MC DRS, Lorna King from Dr Meaker, MC Fats, MC T.R.A.C, MC Fava and Cleveland Watkiss. We are in “preparation mode” finishing the mixdowns and we hope to release everything soon!

What can you tell us about Bryan Gee and V Recordings? What’s it like to be signed to such a legendary label with someone like Bryan as your label boss?
Alibi: It’s awesome. Bryan is a really special person. He is always happy and always looking forward to the future. He calls us every week talking about future plans and it motivates us to keep going. We respect all of the history behind the label and it is such an honor for us to work with Mr. Gee. He is a big daddy for all of us Brazilian D&B producers/DJs, and a great influence for all of us. We are very happy to be part of the V Recordings family.

As this latest EP is a collaboration, who would be your dream collaboration? Singer, rapper, producer?
Alibi: It’s a bit difficult to list names because we would love to make collaborations and write a little history with all of our drum and bass heroes; people who inspire us like DJ Marky, Andy, Patife and S.P.Y from Brazil; Break, Roni Size, Spirit, Calibre and Total Science. Who knows? Fingers crossed!