[Premiere] Annix ft. Teddy Killerz “Jungle Consumes Everything”
[Premiere] Annix ft. Teddy Killerz “Jungle Consumes Everything” Photo by Chelone Wolf

Proving that everything they touch is gold, Konichi and Decimal Bass join forces as Annix once again and absolutely decimate the place with this whopping four-track EP for DJ Hype’s Playaz imprint. Signed exclusively to Playaz in 2012, the young duo has quickly earned their stripes with top-notch cuts across the board and a still classic debut album Inception from 2013.

Closing out 2016 with a bang, the UK-based duo links up with the Russian trio known as Teddy Killerz for the lead track on the EP of the same name: “Jungle Consumes Everything.” Expect an all-out assault on the senses as the heavyweight crew waste no time bringing on the epic cinematic vibes with an intro that will have the heads begging for more. Once the tune proper kicks in and the turbo-charged beats and chest-thumping subs steamroll their way through, you know you’re in the hands of some bona fide drum & bass masters.

Out today on Playaz so hold tight massive and lock yours in here.