[Premiere] Bare “Vapor Trails”
[Premiere] Bare “Vapor Trails” Photo by Jennica Mae

Los Angeles’ own rabid beast known as Bare is back in top form as he hits Dieselboy’s SubHuman imprint with yet another untethered dancefloor headbanger. Following up on last month’s “Rawr,” Bare sharpens the claws once again with this neck-snapping, teeth-gnashing head-twister “Vapor Trails.”

Cinematic vibes cleanse the pallet before the laser-driven cyberwarfare ramps things up with an ozone sizzling hook. From the shivering low end to the sucker-punch switch, Bare ain’t holding nothing back as he returns to the dubstep sound that put him on the map in the first place.

Out now as a Beatport Exclusive so lock yours in here!