[Premiere] Enter the Labyrinth with Deuce & Charger
[Premiere] Enter the Labyrinth with Deuce & Charger

Hailing straight from the heart of London, the former electro trio now known as Deuce & Charger continue to deliver the drum & bass illness with their latest single on In Charge. Where “Waifs & Strays” takes the slow and steady approach to bringing on the dancefloor burn, the lead track, “Labyrinth,” brings on the dark and heavy vibes with an arpeggiated hook and dirty bottom end. As always, the shivering vocals of Becky take center stage and cut straight through to the emotive core of the tune before Pete and Yoni hammer it all home with inimitable style.

“This one came together super-fast,” Pete says when asked to describe the songwriting process behind “Labyrinth.” “We wrote the vocal first and then built up the production around it. We wanted it to have an intense, paranoid vibe to fit the lyric so we put in those full-on analogue arpeggios and cinematic drums at the start. The drop then continued that atmosphere with the cut-up bass and vocals all going off!”

With a penchant for working out vocals, chords and song structure acoustically, we asked the trio if they had plans to take an “unplugged” version of their show on the road in 2017:

“2017 is going to be another big year for us all around. We’ve got our first live shows coming up where we’ll initially be DJing with live vocals but we definitely plan to incorporate some more acoustic sessions as the year evolves. We’re also doing loads of awesome collabs where we’re writing vocals for other great producers, which is something we love doing. On top of that there’s just loads more new music from us coming soon too. We’ll keep you posted!”

Deuce & Charger’s “Labyrinth” and “Waif & Strays” hits the streets March 17, so check the exclusive video premiere below and pre-order your own copy here.