[Premiere] Forbidden Society “Outlaw”
[Premiere] Forbidden Society “Outlaw”

If you like your drum & bass on the chest-thumping, skull-rattling side of things, Forbidden Society has just what you need in the form of his latest Destruction Funk EP. This hard-nosed four-tracker bridges old-school classic tech-funk with an anabolic injection of new-school terror that will have the heads chomping at the bit and begging for more.

“I have been working on this EP for the past seven months,” says the Czech Republic native. “Lately, I do not rush things. I just come in the studio if I have a mood or inspiration to produce some music; I do not force it.”

Designed to “combine hard and dark-edged drum & bass with a bit of neurofunk,” Forbidden Society admits that tracks like “Noctural” took him almost two months to complete as he “was trying to get something epic out.” Fans of the imprint and artist will immediately head to the 2017 remix of Katharsys’ “No End For The Darkness” which was a big hit for the imprint in 2011, while others will be swarming on cinematic bits like “Skullcrawler” designed to exploit those deep-seated fears of the night. “I made ‘Skullcrawler’ after seeing King Kong in the cinema. Those evil monsters inspired me and I went straight to the studio to work on this one.”

The title of the EP seems to capture the vibe perfectly: Destruction Funk. For Forbidden Society the key word in the title is the word “funk” which he equates with tunes that not only have a “vibe” but also “keep you moving.” “For me, funk can even be metal if it makes you want to dance. The ‘destruction’ in the title refers to the way I’m trying to bring that funk in a distorted and rough kind of way.”

This is not to say the entire EP is a full-on assault on the senses. Check the restrained aggression present on the skull-stepping “Outlaw” that we’re premiering below. Centered on a dirty reece, the steady evolution from top to bottom on this one stands out even for Forbidden Society who considers it one of his favorites off the EP: “After all these years, I still love working with melodic, distorted reeces. For me these kind of tracks stand out from the rest as they have a kind of ‘soul’ in it that moves you at deeper level.”

With the full EP dropping tomorrow, April 28, on Forbidden Society Recordings, be sure to warn the neighbors and lock the doors as dark clouds are rolling in!