[Premiere] Friction “Galactic”
[Premiere] Friction “Galactic”

Elevate Audio continues to give its big brother Shogun Audio a run for its money as the relatively new imprint comes correct once again with its first release of 2017. Hitting us with the first in what is set to be a four-part series, the aptly titled Quadrant EP Volume 1 features four heavy-hitters stepping into the spotlight, ready to sink their hooks into the dancefloor.

It doesn’t get any bigger than this, as the legendary DJ Zinc resurrects his Dope Skillz moniker alongside Original Sin and Killer Hertz, tossing even more fuel into the fire. Still, it’s this upfront capstone project from label boss Friction that has even our neighbors banging on the walls asking for more.

Teasing with some proper interstellar vibes, “Galactic” slowly warms up the thrusters before the tension reaches the breaking point and the drop comes barreling through with a turbo-charged groove sure to have the dancefloor heaving. Where Shogun hits the deeper, deadlier side of the dancefloor, there’s no doubt that Elevate is strictly business.

As Friction tells it: “People that listen to my Radio 1 show know I’m a huge fan of all styles of drum & bass, and a lot of the time I find myself making more hi-energy music that might not necessarily sit so well within the Shogun sound. So realizing the solution, we decided to set up Elevate Audio as a platform that will run alongside Shogun allowing us to release more straight up, uncompromising, dancefloor D&B.”

For some of that uncompromising dancefloor sound, check the exclusive premiere of Friction’s “Galactic” below and snag your own copy of the first installment of the Quadrant EP here.