[Premiere] Hybris “Munchies”
[Premiere] Hybris “Munchies” Photo by VRBKATOM

The American-born, Czech-based auteur known as Hybris is back up to his old tricks, this time for the ever-impressive Plasma Audio imprint. Having sharpened his claws on labels like Invisible, Dispatch, Subtitles UK, Metalheadz, and Critical, Hybris brings his otherworldly vision and sonic prowess to the fore and emerges with a pair of off-the-wall cuts that channel his inner alien as only he can do.

Where “Krackalackin” swings with a sizzling half-time crunch, “Munchies” is where things get real as Hybris conjures up a haunting cinematic atmosphere to set the stage for the barely restrained aggression that unfolds on this subtle, tech-tinged hustler. From the evocative percussive elements and resonant details that stick and move like phosphorescent afterglow, Hybris seems to be fucking with the listeners expectations in a way as the expected neuro-growl never seems to come roaring out from the shadows but instead lurks and lingers, darting out at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

Even when he finally moves in for the kill on the second drop by bringing out the stutter-step punch, there’s no denying the real pleasure of a Hybris tune is feeling like you’ve just witnessed the birth of some entirely new beast formed from half-remembered dreams and nightmares.

Out June 9 so keep your eyes on the stars and sound the alarm!