[Premiere] Jarvis "Rowdy"
[Premiere] Jarvis "Rowdy" Photo by Chelone Wolf

Representing Firepower Records from across the pond, London’s own Jarvis drops an immensely fierce EP called Rise of the Phoenix. From grime-tinged neck-snappers like the title cut all the way through to breathtaking heart-stompers like “Wide Awake” Jarvis is in top form as he hammers home five cuts of unadulterated filth.

Still, it’s the aptly titled, “Rowdy” that has us up in arms over at Bassrush HQ. Packed with plenty of peak time dubstep energy, “Rowdy” goes straight for the heart with serious, wonky dubstep pressure. Rising to the occasion, Jarvis not only delivers on the beats, but also the verse with chaos inducing lyrics bringing this filth monster to life! While basslines sputter about with scientific edits, the flow pilots this track along with twists and turns that would make any stomach queasy.

Revel in the fiery greatness that is “Rowdy” from Firepower gang and preview the world premiere below before locking in your preorder for this beast out July 14 here. Don’t forget to tune into the official release party in London tomorrow via Facebook live stream, where Jarvis and company will be celebrating Rise of the Phoenix.