[Premiere] Killer Hertz “Cryogenics”
[Premiere] Killer Hertz “Cryogenics”

It’s hard to believe the mysterious trio known as Killer Hertz only made their debut on Viper Recordings earlier this year. Having since flexed their way to the top with dancefloor burners and chilled out dreamers alike, the three classically trained artists prepare to end the year with a monster single for the Viper VIP imprint.

While the title cut, “Prometheus,” brings on an epic futuristic tribal groove, “Cyrogenics” wastes no time getting right to the heart of the beast with a dark and heavy mid-range hook that will have you reaching for the stars. To celebrate the release as well as find out more about the trio who are no doubt here to slay in the 2017, we thought we’d drop an exclusive glimpse at the new release with a quick Q&A with the crew to find out more. Spoiler alert: their full identities remain a secret.

Tell us a bit about working with the mighty Viper Recordings on this release.
Viper is a great label! They have an amazing staff, track record, and an incredible roster of artists!

Introduce yourselves; where are you from?
We are from the UK, originally from London.

How would you describe your style of drum & bass to those who don’t know?
Cinematic dancefloor bangers!

Talk a bit about your own musical backgrounds and experience, particularly in how you transition from being “classically-trained” into shredding it on the drum & bass dancefloor.
Understanding drum & bass as a genre is the key. Even though we are classically trained keys players we aren’t afraid of one-note basslines; you need music to be danceable. Our musicality comes into play mainly in our intros, hooks and many layers. Yes, we can write score music but we know how to make people dance, too!

Speaking of dancefloor, tell us the story of how “Cryogenics” came together
“Cryogenics” started with the intro. We used retro synths to create an atmospheric bed before we unleashed a percussive lead line. Once the intro was done we worked in the bassline; lots of filtering and clever automation throughout. There is a middle 8 section in the track where we switch into a classical film section before transcending into a key change. This track is one of our favorites so far!

Before we go, what else should we be looking out for in the New Year from you guys? Any big projects in the works?
We are currently working on some high profile remixes, new singles, and our DJ and live set! 2017 is gonna be “Killer”!

Killer Hertz’s “Prometheus” / “Cryogenics” is out today via Viper VIP so lock yours in here.