[Premiere] Kritix “System”
[Premiere] Kritix “System”

After making a smashing debut only three short years ago, the UK-based Kritix returns to center stage after a short hiatus in the studio where he’s been refining his sound and crafting up some serious floor-killers.

Now, after emerging from the cave with an unholy number of tunes under his belt, Kritix prepares to kick off his 2017 release schedule with this banger called “System” on Mayan Audio. The first release of his after been signed exclusively to the new-school imprint on everyone’s lips, “System” is a no-holds-barred attack on the dancefloor that is all about sparking a straight-up frenzy.

From the vocal “warning” that lets us know it’s about to hectic all the way through to when Kritix kicks in the afterburners at the drop, this rager is all about the bouncy mid-range hook that’s sure to keep heads bopping and bodies heaving with that bad boy sound.

“Since launching [as an artist] I’ve worked closely with the Mayan Audio crew and feel they have helped me push my sound in the right direction,” Kritix tells us when asked about the tune and being exclusively signed to the Mayan imprint. “Mayan really feels like home for me and I feel confident that they will fully support me in my musical journey. Not only have they supported me with professional artwork and promotional campaigns, they’ve also invited me to play at their label events including the mighty Let It Roll festival later in the year.”

As for the new burst of inspiration that seems to be driving his new output and forthcoming tunes: “I took some time out at the end of last year to redevelop the way I make my music. Now, with a mind bursting with creativity, together with newly learnt techniques, the tunes are literally pouring out of the studio right now! I’ve got plans to release as much music as possible and am steadily aiming towards a debut album so watch this space!”

Kritix “System” pops today on Mayan Audio so wheel it up and snatch your own copy here.