[Premiere] Kronology “Star in a Jar”
[Premiere] Kronology “Star in a Jar” Photo by Devin Dilmore

Weighing in at a solid 51 tracks, the forthcoming Technique Summer 2017 compilation album from Technique Recordings is set to kick-start the summer with inimitable style. Featuring contributions from Matrix & Futurebound, the Brookes Brothers, Tantrum Desire, L Plus, the label bosses Drumsound and Bassline Smith themselves, and so many new- and old-school names alike, the album charts a course designed to not only cover the breadth and depth of drum & bass as a genre, but lay the foundation for a proper soundtrack to all the summer adventures about to unfold.

While the festival chest-thumpers are represented in full force, it’s bits like “Star in a Jar” from Kronology that really steal the show with their ability to elevate the dancefloor in a different and completely breathtaking way.

From the celestial atmospheres sure to conjure up visions of renegade desert parties for all the Southern California crew, it’s when the Los Angeles-based duo sweep and dip into the shivering hook proper that the soul on this one begins to stir to life. Layer by layer this intricate cut comes together with each element adding new levels of power to the overall vision on this impressive example of the duo’s continued growth and confidence in the studio. The subtle percussive elements provide an unforeseen tension and grounding that ensure that listeners will not only be entranced but lost in the dreamscape as it unfolds, each element meant to hypnotize and move at a deeper level.

Whether you’re saving this one for poolside or dropping it when the sun begins to peek over the horizon, the ever-evolving vibes on this one make for the perfect introduction to the Technique Summer 2017 album compilation. The full package drops on June 1 so lock your pre-order in here and prepare to be swept away once again by the sounds of Kronology.