[Premiere] Mantis “Mobbin
[Premiere] Mantis “Mobbin'"

The genre-blurring, Atlanta-based Mantis have been hard at work in the lab lately and it shows with their bass-heavy EP, The Hundred Deep. Since their debut in 2011, the ruthless duo has made quite the impression in the scene, earning them releases on labels like OWSLA and Never Say Die while also making a home at Uplink Audio.

 This four-track EP showcases a broad range of what Mantis is capable of flexing with, but “Mobbin” in particular is our favorite speaker-buster of the bunch! Building up the anticipation with an intriguing melody, the energy soon speeds up with some heavy bass hinting at the massacre that is about to ensue. Crichy Crich’s vocals keep the energy alive as the gnarly growls annihilate the beat, ruthlessly taking you on a journey through the depths of almighty bass!

 Check out the exclusive premiere of “Mobbin” below and prepare for the madness as The Hundred Deep drops tomorrow on Uplink Audio. Be sure to lock in your preorder here.