[Premiere] Memtrix “Atrophy”
[Premiere] Memtrix “Atrophy”

With last year’s “Clouds In Commune” and “Ic Yr Pain” still running it on the dancefloor, the UK-based producer known as Memtrix comes roaring out of the gates once again with two more slices of drum & bass sweetness designed to get that heart racing and those hands high in the air. Having been taken under the wing of Sotto Voce’s label boss and visionary Spor/Feed Me, Memtrix kicks open the doors with the summertime vibes of “Sunkenspace” before dipping into the dream-inducing “Atrophy” that we’re premiering below. From the sizzling groove at the core to the hypnotic lead melody, the harmonic call and response between the layers keeps the energy uplifting with just enough dirty bubbling and haunting vocal to carry it on through to the second drop.

Check the exclusive premiere of “Atrophy” below followed by a quick chat with the youngblood producer who’s about to break out in a major way.

How’s your 2017 been so far since you dropped the last Memtrix music last year?
It’s been good. I’ve been playing shows in countries and cities I’d never been to before and I’m writing a lot of music, so it’s been a great first few months.

How did these new tunes come about?
“Sunkenspace” came about quite organically and quickly. It started off essentially as a strange pop track with that main synth riff being the first burst of inspiration behind it, and then gradually it progressed into more of a straight up drum & bass track. “Atrophy” was a track I had written a while ago and would always be a highlight tune to play in my sets; I was just a little apprehensive to finish it and release it at first, as the melody at the time was quite precarious and evil. I worked on it a little more and it ended up being something I was really pleased with.

That you on vocals again?
Yeah, all the vocals are me.

What’s in the pipeline…album?
No album, but a lot of really cool stuff is in the works and being prepared.

Tour dates?
I don’t have an official tour coming up but I’m playing at some of the big festivals this summer and I’m looking forward to the Nu Forms Festival especially.

Before we go, hit us with your Top 5 tunes doing the rounds right now.
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