[Premiere] Posij “Throb”
[Premiere] Posij “Throb” Photo by RUTGER PRINS

With his remix of Noisia’s “Sinkhole” still setting the streets on fire, Posij (pronounced ‘poss-eye’) follows up with a massive four-track Attention EP for Phace and Misanthrop’s ever-impressive Neodigital imprint. Taking a full-fledged assault on the senses, Posij throws all caution to the wind and turns in a heavyweight EP that shows no concern for the typical tempo or genre conventions.

With everything from juke to footwork to half-time, neurofunk and glitch-hop getting mashed up in the cipher-mind of the Dutch producer, the resulting EP not only showcases what the young producer is capable of but is sure to appeal to bass music lovers and hardcore drum & bass-heads alike.

Take this cut “Throb” we’re premiering below. It’s a full-on, mangled off-kilter beast that spits and sparks its way across a quivering soundscape of dirty bass bombs and window-rattling kicks. Perfect for bringing on the bass face and mind melt at the same time, this one hits the streets on April 28 so keep it locked and loaded with the preorder here.