[Premiere] Rene LaVice “Squeegee”
[Premiere] Rene LaVice “Squeegee”

Canadian-born and bred Rene LaVice continues to stir up a ruckus in his new home in the UK with two killer cuts for the always essential Ram Records. With the dust still settling after his appearance at Ram’s New Year’s event this past weekend, Rene wastes no time getting back to business with the razor-sharp sizzler “Sound Barrier” paving the way for our favorite cut off the single, “Squeegee.”

For those who love it when Rene flexes on the dark and foreboding tip, this is the cut you want to immerse yourself in as the slow rumble of the bass announces entry into a mythical sacred space that quickly dumps you into a filthy underworld of bass and beats. Still, it’s Rene’s ability to consciously balance out the darkness with lighter, celestial melodies that drive this one home as listeners are sure to feel their emotions being pulled in two different directions with explosive results. To find out more, we checked in with the man himself for a glimpse into his creative process as well as where he sees himself and the scene evolving in 2017.

2017 is the year I acknowledge how fucking ridiculously fortunate and thankful I am, and present to people the next level of what I'm doing.

What a tune! Tell us how “Squeegee” came together.
The tune was written while I was in Toronto visiting family in the fall. I wrote it during a very formative time for me which became the ethos and the backbone of the song. It’s an instrumental track which is designed to give you an uplifting feeling which hits the sweet spot between contemplation and action. It’s about reaching new heights and inspiring yourself.

Texturally, as with all of your work, “Squeegee” seems to draw its strength from multiple layers or elements combining into a powerful wave of emotion. Go a little deeper into the construction of the track for all of the creative types out there interested in process.
The song draws upon textures from earlier works like “Thorax,” but strives to surprise you with twisting and turning bass lines which cease to be settled and lay dormant. This track was an attempt to make something that is soothing at low volume yet devastating on a massive sound system, because it’s all about experiencing it live at my show. It’s a song about transformation and spreading your wings!

It seems like the perfect track to kick-start the New Year. Where do you see yourself headed as an artist in 2017?
2017 is going to be monstrous and the truth is that it’s all being driven by the enthusiasm of the fans. My new music has been getting some crazy reactions when I test out the tracks at my shows. When I look at the YouTube comments of my set at Let it Roll and every single tune people ask for an ID of is one of my tracks like “OMG what tune is this!” The proof is in the pudding and it’s blowing my mind. I’m so excited and it’s an experience which has been teleporting me right back to when the dubplate was king and the soundsystem ruled the earth!

Speaking of ruling the earth, have you started in on your next album yet? What other releases or projects should we be looking out for?
I have several heavyweight singles lined up including some massive remixes set for release soon (DJ Fresh vs. Diplo “Bang Bang” ft. R. City, Selah Sue, & Craig David). As for my next album, I actually had an entire album written last year, but a lot of factors came in to play which led me to reorganize things release-wise and instead focus on my DJ sets and dubplates. It wasn’t what I originally planned, but the fans have been loving it. It’s worked out in an unexpected way as

Ram went through a massive restructuring last year and now I’m in a great place, working with a really strong team of people; it’s got me really energized.

Any last thoughts before we leap headfirst into the New Year?
Taking a look at things, to be able to keep pushing the boundaries and think outside the box and still have guys like Andy C, DJ Fresh, and Liam Howlett smashing my music… 2017 is the year I acknowledge how fucking ridiculously fortunate and thankful I am, and present to people the next level of what I’m doing.

Check the exclusive premiere of “Squeegee” below and prepare to have your brainwaves retuned and reset for the New Year. This one drops January 6 on Ram Records.