[Premiere] Slang Banger “Rock It”
[Premiere] Slang Banger “Rock It”

Running and gunning alongside the mothership Ram Records, the sister imprint known as Program continues to impress with its ability to blaze its own untethered path to the dancefloor. From new-school to old-school artists alike, Program is the imprint to turn to if you’re seeking to stay on the cutting edge of the underground.

Take the latest Red Shift EP from the hard-hitting Slang Banger (better known to OG heads as Resonant Evil and Pixel Fist). Known for going straight for the jugular, Slang Banger waste no time bringing on the pain with a four-track EP centered on colossal drops, chest-thumping basslines and breakbeat-driven beats.

One of our favorites off the EP is the bit we’re premiering below. While the hard and heavy bits from the EP are sure to catch the eyes and ears of the headbanging crew, this anabolic lurcher is the one that’s sure to have the squad stomping it out on the dancefloor with knees and elbows flying.

Unfolding like a sci-fi-tinged dreamscape, the cinematic flavors at the core elevate this one beyond your typical stepper into a kind of exquisite slow burn that burrows its way in and reveals the full power Slang Banger are capable of kicking.

Out now as a Beatport exclusive so lock yours in here.