[Premiere] Synergy “Radiation”
[Premiere] Synergy “Radiation”

All those years of putting in work in the studio seem to be finally paying dividends for the St. Petersburg duo known as Synergy as they continue to take the scene by storm.

With support from the heads like Noisia, The Upbeats, Phace, and Misanthrop, and releases on imprints ranging from Critical, Blackout, Eatbrain, Neodigital, and Subtitles, the collaborative power of Segment and Concept Vision (as they were previously known in solo artist mode) cannot be understated.

With their next pair of weaponized beats being launched from Prolix’s hard-hitting Trendkill Recordings, Synergy is set to drop jaws once again as they push their neurotech-driven sound into fresh and exciting territory. Where “Turn It Out” centers on a shredding electric guitar groove that constantly flips the script throughout, “Radiation” brings on the barely restrained aggression that we’ve come to love from the crew. From the hypnotic intro on through to the tooth-rattling bass bombs beings dropped throughout, this screaming fist of fury will make a believer out of you if you’re still not convinced that Synergy is the future.

Since both producers were fairly well-known artists in their own right before merging under the Synergy name only a little under a year ago, we hit them up to see how the collaborative process has been working out and where they plan to take things from here.

Working as a duo, they tell us, has meant “better control of the project—two heads are better than one—plus it’s fun. When we’re working separately and sitting almost all day (sometimes longer), it can be really exhausting. But when we’re working together (via Skype), we are constantly joking and fooling around.”

When asked how “Radiation” specifically came together the duo surprised us by telling us it was stitched together from various unfinished projects that for whatever reason had never came together properly: “The way it came together was definitely unexpected because it was created from some unfinished projects and then refined as a full-fledged tune all its own. You know that time when you did a bad demo but it had some good parts? That’s what this is! ‘Radiation’ is a track which was created from two bad demos…this explains the presence of the ‘abnormal’ vocal sample.”

From there it was a matter of the duo being fortunate to have their remix of L 33’s “Razor Blade” land alongside Prolix’s own remix of L 33’s “Club Life” on his Eatbrain remix EP project: “He thought our remix was good and wrote us an email. It was a good feeling, when one of the giant names find you as a talented musician.”

With forthcoming collaborations on the way from Malux, Rido, Teddy Killerz, and Signal, plus over 15 solo tracks and remixes waiting in the wings, we have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Synergy in 2017.

Until then, satisfy your bloodlust with the exclusive premiere of “Radiation” below before the full release drops worldwide June 9. Grab that preorder here.