[Premiere] The Clamps “FTDS”
[Premiere] The Clamps “FTDS” Photo by António Santos

Julien Carbou, the mastermind behind The Clamps moniker, is never one to lose focus on the edgier, more futuristic blends of drum & bass. Enter FTDS, his third EP for the Prolix-backed neuro-tech label, Trendkill Records. Five blistering burners make up the FTDS EP, including high profile collaborations with Tasha Baxter, Redject, and a jaw dropping remix of “Strains” from the mighty Counterstrike.

Although the entirety of the EP is banging, title track slays with industrial vibes and gritty, heart propelling acoustics. When asked for the meaning behind the mysterious title, The Clamps told us: “It means Fuck The Dumb Shit. There is so much drama for nothing in the D&B scene and we need to move away from that. Life is already hard, we don’t need to add more drama in something that gives us happiness.”

To sample a taste of The Clamps’ no-frills approach to hard-hitting drum & bass, check out his anti-drama anthem below, and be sure to cop the entire neck-breaking EP today exclusively on Beatport here, with the full worldwide release to follow on April 14.