[Premiere] The Upbeats “De-Evolution”
[Premiere] The Upbeats “De-Evolution” Photo by Chelone Wolf

As The Upbeats close in on the last of their epic De-Evolution series on Noisia’s Vision imprint, we finally get a taste of the title track that frames the entire experience…and it is all that we hoped it would be.

Framed by an ethereal cinematic dreamscape that draws us in before bringing on the pain with a mech-inspired tech-groove and shrieking hook that rains down like molten fire, this hard-hitting manifesto from New Zealand’s finest reveals the spirit through which the entire project was born.

The three-part series is essentially an album, if not an outright aural narrative, designed to be pieced together by the listener to capture what The Upbeats see as a “whole [that] emerges from the dank depths” of their collective mind.

As The Upbeats tell it, the project gathers its strength from a sci-fi-influenced vision that imagines a “form that has slowly been de-evolving is now ready to be birthed from the chaotic primordial ooze in its entirety.” Transporting us to a distant universe, The Upbeats see the project as a call to arms for all the “amoeba, prions and plankton apes” who welcome the brutal life-force being unleashed upon the dancefloor and greeted with “crude howls.”

To get your filthy mitts on the entire EP, which drops on March 3, lock your pre-order in here, and bookmark The Upbeats website for all details on future tours, releases, and general updates on the continued de-evolution of our favorite Kiwi crew.