The Upbeats “The Furies”
The Upbeats “The Furies” Photo by Frederiek Bosch

In ancient Greece and Rome, the Furies were known as Erinyes, the angry ones. Female spirits of justice and vengeance, they were especially known for hunting down (and driving insane) those who had committed murder. While “The Furies” from the Upbeats won’t drive you insane, it is sure to drive you and the rest of the crew absolutely mad on the dancefloor as it channels the same kind of unbridled energy that the mythological creatures from so long ago have come to represent.

The haunting, worm-like intro and trembling hook bring on the goosebumps, but it’s when the horrifying atmospheres turn deadly and we wind our way to the drop that we know we’re in for it. Once that percussion starts marching towards the inevitable, brace yourself; this one is pure dancefloor fire from a Kiwi crew who continue to step it up each and every time.

Due to be released as part of the massive 60-track Drum&BassArena 2016 compilation LP in celebration of the hub’s 20th year in the game, the Upbeats stand out alongside other exclusives from the likes of Noisia and Phace, Kove, Technimatic, and Bladerunner. It’s a full-on family affair that seeks to capture the vibe and energy of the entire scene so keep it locked on the Drum&BassArena and be sure to lock in your pre-order here as we approach the full release due to drop on March 11.

For now, feast your fangs on this anabolic beast from the Upbeats below—exclusive to Bassrush!