Having crushed it all summer long across the globe, Tommie Sunshine and Halfway House’s festival anthem “Can’t Get Enough” gets a filthy makeover courtesy of the bassbin duo known as Pegboard Nerds. Released as part of a diverse package of six remixes from across the genre spectrum of dance music, it’s this Pegboard Nerds re-lick that adds just the right amount of extra voltage required to get this one popping on the Bassrush side of things.

Taking their time and winding things out to the breaking point from the get-go, the sweeping pads and heart-wrenching vocals of Sarah Hudson make for an intro of epic proportions before the duo dumps us straight into the neck-snapping tune proper. Heavyweight switchbacks make for a wild ride that dips and turns with expert precision as the mid-range stabs stick and move in all the right places before that bottom end hammers it all home. Make sure and let this one roll all the way out as the second breakdown ramps things up even further before unleashing the robo-skank once again.

It’s a massive release for the Pegboard Nerds so be sure and support when this one drops tomorrow via Ultra Music.