[Premiere] Tyke “They Must Come”
[Premiere] Tyke “They Must Come” Photo by Chelone Wolf

Ever since he signed exclusively to Playaz back in 2013, the bad man they call Tyke has been dropping cut after cut of straight sickness in a style that is completely all his own. From his never-ending quest for hypnotic rhythms and hooks to a sound that seems to be a battle between jump up and his love of the dark and tech-driven side of the things, there’s no doubting that every time Tyke drops a release it’s an essential one to buy on sight.

Take his forthcoming They Must Come EP that assaults the sense with a blitz attack of futuristic, cinematic furor. Bits like “Cosmos” and “Galvanised” feel like they were born from the same DNA as the shadowy “Planet Merk” but each one pushes that Tyke flavor in a new direction. Our favorite cut off the EP is the title track, “They Must Come,” which brings on the goosebumps with a hair-raising intro built on a classic haunting vocal before bottom end tears loose of his chains and comes stomping out the shadows.

This twisted masterpiece drops July 10 so check the premiere below and lock your pre-order of the full EP here!