[Premiere] Warden ‘Ascension’
[Premiere] Warden ‘Ascension’

With releases on labels ranging from Buygore, Fool’s Gold, Trapstyle, EDM.com, and Insomniac’s very own Discovery Project imprint, the Los Angeles-based graduate of ICON Music School known as Warden continues to impress with his ability to merge a broad range of influences ranging from techno to metal to hip-hop, dubstep and back again.

While his live sets and the output on his Malmaison imprint have been pushing the boundaries and defying easy genre categorization there is no doubt that the sounds emerging from the Warden lab are rooted in a bass aesthetic that emerges with an electrifying intensity. Case in point, check his latest Ascension EP on Malmaison we’re premiering below. While many claim to be drawing from dubstep, trap, house, and techno influences these days, the young producer flips the script and mashes up the vibes in a jaw-dropping way.

As Warden tells us: “I’m contentiously infatuated with the old-school rave sound, which heavily inspires me. I really wanted to combine the power of piano stabs and breaks with new-school dubstep energy and sound design. The result is this big warehouse rave sound mixed with heavy drops perfect for festivals and clubs.”

Don’t just take our (and his) word for it, check the full premiere below and prepare for a raucous romp through the past, present, and future of all things that go boom in the night.

Out now so lock yours in here.