Say hello to Shogun Audio’s newest exclusive artists, Was A Be–a duo hailing from beautiful Como, a scenic city located in the north of Italy. For their sophomore EP on Friction’s Shogun Audio they’ve embarked on a new project, the Brainstorm EP. Incorporating the influence of Chicago footwork, W.A.B. concoct innovative sounds without losing sight of Shogun’s reputation for pure and to the point d&b.

From the get-go their collaborative effort with NEVE “Jamming” bangs hard, flexing funky drum edits and classic hardcore/jungle samples. Moving forth, “Hypnos” gives off a sci-fi, old-school runnin’ vibe with plenty of peak time energy, making a perfect catalyst tune to throw in mid-set, along with the manic and inspiring title track “Brainstorm.” It’s always good to switch up the vibe and the magical “Plateau” does just that. This subdued banger slows down the pace with relaxing sparse drums and a head-nodding flow, showing off Was A Be’s trademark poppin’ percussion.

Sample the aural beauty below before the Brainstorm EP hits virtual shelves April 14 (lock in your pre-order here).