matphilly and SUBshockers link up for an epic five-track EP project designed to pay homage to matphilly’s brother who passed away in July 2020. Originally coming together to create one song, the crew soon realized that they not only worked well together in the studio but had a series of ideas that were coming into shape as a proper EP.

The resulting AMP EP serves not only as a personal project but one guaranteed to touch even unsuspecting listeners in a profound way. The musicianship at the core merges with the bass music backbone of the piece in a mysterious and almost magical way. The EP showcases the producers ability craft beautiful melodic chord progressions and cinematic epic atmospheres just as much as it foregrounds their dubstep and riddim chops. Championed by artists ranging from Adventure Club to Flux Pavilion, the project is heavy on all fronts and one that is sure to serve the legacy of matphilly’s brother in the very best way.

While bits like “All I’m Missing In This…It Makes Me Numb” and “I’m Never Letting Go Of Your Love” hit in all the right places, in many ways, the EP reaches its full potential when talented vocalists like Danica Reyes and JROHMSKIII contribute to the cause on stunning bits like “I Can’t Hear Your Echo” and “It Hurts” respectively. The power of the human voice alongside the already sweeping emotional production at the core makes for a synergy that is sure to bring on the dancefloor heartbreak in the very best way.

matphilly and SUBshockers Present: AMP is out now so be sure to lock yours in here.