Prestige Brings on the Insanity
Prestige Brings on the Insanity

Russian born and bred Alex Prestige brings his bone-crushing sound to the almighty Serial Killaz imprint with the aptly titled Insane People EP. Built on a backbone of b-movie samples, bubbling basslines, and straight up chest-thumping beats, Prestige ain’t holding nothing back as he unloads six primo cuts aimed strictly at the dancefloor.

From the gnarly jump-up flavor of “Flea” and the shivering “Scared of You” on through to the eastern influenced “Stressed Out,” it’s obvious that Prestige has come into his own as a producer and is capable of flexing on all fronts. Bits like “Injury” and “Insane People” ease into things with deceptively smooth and dreamy intros that give way to snarling, untethered beasts at the core.

Even with all that heavyweight power, “Way It Is” is still the cut most of the heads have been waiting for. Having been relentlessly hammered across the world over the course of the last three months, Prestige finally unloads it on Serial Killaz and brings it all home with inimitable style.

Built on the titanium backbone of a DJ-friendly swing beat that keeps things locked before the deadly bounce comes smashing through, this is the one to drop when you want the heads heaving at the rails and begging for more.

The full Insane People EP drops today via Serial Killaz so bust out the straight jacket and snatch your own copy here.