The Manchester-based duo known as PRFCT Mandem just keep getting better and better with every track, it seems, to the point where if beat envy was a thing, most producers would have it upon listening to their most recent track. “Upside Down” dropped on Korsakov Music earlier this month and production-wise, it’s damn near flawless.

With syncopation and tempo changes that would even make Current Value or Vsnares raise an eyebrow, cinematic ambient sound design and an ethereal, vocal the unexpected ground force for the whole works, “Upside Down” is the best parts of experimental and bass music combined. It’s just silly at this point that a Vision or a Viper haven’t picked them up. Luckily Korsakov Music have their heads on straight (A&R speaking, anyway).

It’s all well and good to tech nerd out and pick apart all the wonderful layers of composition in “Upside Down” and other Mandem tracks, but really these tracks are composed thus to create an effect. That effect amplifies tenfold when PRFCT Mandem put together something long play, as is evidenced by their recent Vibes In Colours EP from last fall, so Bassrush asked them if they might grace us and fans with a guest mix.

Frought with all the crunchy dancefloor vibes that fans love most from the duo, this mix also has a healthy dose of that mind-scrambling experimentalism that make theory nerds stand up and take notice as well. Great for the club or a fast drive in a cool car, this mix proves once and for all that though PRFCT Mandem have the skills and tech to make smart tracks, their end game is always to get us to move. It’s an excellent prequel to both the live festival season and more mindbending Mandem tracks to come. Tune in and stay tuned.

“Upside Down” is out not on Korsakov Music. Click here for links to stream and purchase.