Prolix continues to prove that he’s at the top of his game, pandemic be damned. While the entire three tracks featured on his forthcoming ‘Pushed’ EP project are worthy of showcasing, we are so stoked to be able to feature one of our favorite cuts from the project: “Waiting.”

From the cinematic urgency of the intro all the way through to the heart-pounding sweep of synthesis at the drop, “Waiting” is one of those tunes that has us straight-up chomping at the bit, waiting for the day we can bust out of lockdown and smash it up with the squad on the dancefloor.

With just the right touch of funk in the groove, this tech-driven thriller keeps the pressure through the ever-evolving feels that it conjures up. Dark, melodic, and dripping with a ghost-like melancholic fervor, “Waiting” is the perfect dose of energy to propel us into the weekend.

Dive in below and lock in your copy of “Waiting” here¬†as the single drops today ahead of the full ‘Pushed’ EP two weeks from today.