Prototypes Escape the Psycho Circus
Prototypes Escape the Psycho Circus

2019 has been a whirlwind for The Prototypes, who spent most of their time boarding airplanes and taking quick naps in hotel rooms. While the Brighton boys have been blazing a trail for nearly a decade, the hype never dies due to the consistent production grind coming from their studio—eventually leading to 2016 inauguration of their own imprint, Get Hype Records.

Now that summer has come to a close we’ve heard only the fiercest of cuts for a diverse lineup of labels like Down 2 Earth Musik, Formation Records, Disciple and RAM to name a few. Keeping up with the busy duo is no easy feat but Bassrush got the chance to confab after The Prototypes left the crowd absolutely shook at Escape: Psycho Circus this past weekend in San Bernardino.

How have you been?
Mad busy, just how we like it. Been hard at it in the studio and on the road and we’re nearing the end of writing our second album.

Any highlights from your projects that particularly stand out?
For me [Chris] personally just getting the use of my leg back after dislocating my knee last year! Bringing in the New Year at Countdown was an epic way to start for us, and the gigs have continued from there, really. It’s so hard to pick out shows but there have been some real moments for us at Let It Roll, Rampage, our first time playing at Glastonbury, Our Get Hype Boat Party on the River Thames in London, and many more. Our reach has also spread this year to playing shows we’ve never been to before, like Columbia, Buenos Aires, Indonesia, and South Korea. It’s been really cool to go experience so many different cultures.

Y’all killed it on the remix tip for Delta Heavy & Modestep. The vibe was thick. Did the remix come together pretty quickly?
Thanks. On first load up of the stems, one little clip of vocal just stood out—then it kinda went from there. Sometimes you have to just try different melody progressions under vocals while trying to keep the vibe of the original with remixes to find the passion that suits you within the music. Once that new progression was there it wrote itself and it was just a matter of the mixdown—which is always hard on remixes because of the short turnaround times—but we’re really happy with this remix and how it turned out.

Tell us about your recent travels in South America.
It was our first time playing in Bogota, Colombia. The vibe was unreal, especially after a four-hour power cut which happened an hour after the club opened. The show was sold out and not a single person left in the four hours of silence; they all waited to see us. It was a very special show, as was Buenos Aires. We’d played in the city once before with Must Die! & Laxx for UKF, which was off the heezy. This time we headlined Plus160. The venue was sold out again and just as crazy as the place was going nuts. Love going to see the SA crew!

So your latest, “Into The Night”…some are saying the return of dancefloor DnB is fully back. Did it ever really go away? In your eyes, what are the top elements that define the style?
Yeah, it’s time for its return. I never see anyone online talking about “dancefloor DnB” as a subgenre; it’s always jump-up, rollers, liquid or neuro. Most don’t really see it as a genre as nearly 80% of DnB is made for the club and dancefloor, which I can see the argument of.

For me, however, dancefloor is the most energetic of the genres in DnB in terms of sound and sonics, something with a more smashing noise floor level. The most obvious choice to reference would be Pendulum, as they came in and shook the game up in the early 2000s. I think modern dancefloor in its current form and sound is Netsky “I Refuse” (Shock One Remix). For me, that’s like a template that everyone moved forward with, but I’m sure everyone will have something different to say about it.

You just killed it at the Escape. What is your favorite part about visiting California?
As an Englishman, there’s just an excitement coming to Cali; all the sights and of course coming to play all the shows and meeting the US DnB crews, which we feel lucky to be able to come and do.

Do you have any big plans before the sun sets on 2019?
Yes, expect a remix of Macky Gee “Games” and Tantrum Desire “Reach” within the next month. The next single from us is in December, which will be the first from the album! We have a big year planned for 2020, which also marks 10 years of The Prototypes. We’ve been preparing for this the last few years so listen out for the NOISE!