Proxima Gets Ruff and Rugged
Proxima Gets Ruff and Rugged Photo by Hana Makovcova

Having been absolutely crushing it this past year with heavyweight appearances on imprints like Shogun Audio, Blackout Music and Plasma Audio, the Dutch-born, London-based artist known as Proxima takes control of the sixth edition of Neosignal’s newly minted Neodigital imprint and delivers his best work to date.

Known to some for his jaw-breaking dubstep tunes, Proxima seems to have merged the best of both worlds by his recent forays into the dark side of drum & bass with this four-tracker sure to secure his position in the upper echelons of the scene. From the epic cinematic intro of “Ruff Scruff” on through to the dizzying breakdown that leads to the sucker-punch drop proper, it’s obvious Proxima isn’t holding back as he dumps into a half-time headbanger that’s sure to have the kids crawling up the walls begging for more. “On the Outside” and “Get Ya” are pummeling techno-thrillers that get the blood bubbling, but for that proper dancefloor beatdown head straight to “Untwisted” to witness the fully operational power that Proxima is wielding.

This one drops April 22 so warn the neighbors and lock the doors before cranking this one up and start straight mobbing in the privacy of your own home.