It’s hard to believe we’re already up to the 13th installment of the NËU single sets from this offshoot imprint created by Neosignal label heads Phace and Misanthrop. It seems they’re gearing up to release even more this year, given the speed with which the two most recent track sets have released. NËU12, Missin’s “Stop This” and “No Turning” just released earlier this month and NËU13 is already on deck for an April 24 release date. Luckily, Bassrush has a sneak preview of one of these sick new tracks by Proxima.

“Break the Beans” and “Rogue Sofa” seem to have a focus on exploring the percussive nature of vocals. On both tracks, Proxima has cut up vox samples into very small bites (or “bytes” if you like puns) and used them to create different sounds and elements within the tracks. For “Break the Beans,” this is quite obvious because the “ba” vocal sound he’s created becomes one of the melodies. Sometimes it’s the main “synth,” as it were, and other times it’s just used at the phrase transitions. Either way it makes for an interesting extra element within the largely dark and heavy synth-driven track.

Our premiere today just before the tracks drop is the full stream of “Rogue Sofa” which, like “Break the Beans” has very small vocal sounds broken up, modified and stuck back in the track but this time it’s much more ornamental and percussive. These “be” sounds are a bit more poppy and go along with the cowbell (yep, cowbell) percussion noises to add interest and dimension to the main track. They could potentially be seen as stand-ins for a synth, as the track contains little to no synth in it until the very end, and even then it’s only there to announce said ending. That said, they still seem to be more drum loop-oriented than using different timbres of percussion to create a melody like in “Break the Beans.”

“Rogue Sofa” and “Break the Beans” are generally drum-based tracks and of course that’s what Proxima is known for but it’s interesting to see him playing with drums in this way. It’s almost as if he’s experimenting with what sounds can be made into drums. Apparently the answer is “almost anything.”

“Break the Beans” and “Rogue Sofa” drop on NËU tomorrow, April 24. To pre-order or pre-save, click here.