Pushloop Conjures Dystopian Vibes on his ‘George Orwell’ EP
Pushloop Conjures Dystopian Vibes on his ‘George Orwell’ EP Photo by Lita Frazier @ Lotus Flame Photography

With a SoundCloud page overflowing with countless originals, DJ mixes and free downloads, including massive remixes of Truth, Ganja White Night, Akcept, and The Widdler (and vice versa), Pushloop’s proportionally enviable and expansive output speaks volumes about the strength of the up-and-coming producer’s creative capabilities and musical merit. Previously affiliated with noteworthy labels such as MalLabel Music, ShadowTrix Music and Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz, Pushloop continues to fuel his upward momentum within the dubstep circuit with his newest EP entitled George Orwell (DDD013), released through Truth’s Deep, Dark and Dangerous imprint.

Pushloop’s latest four-track release stands as the 13th addition to the rapidly growing and steadily evolving catalogue of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous label; boasting a dynamic and infectiously dark personality supplemented by its trudging, ominous basslines. Excruciatingly alluring instrumental accents coupled with thick, tense space make Pushloop’s George Orwell EP ooze with ethereal and hypnotizing charisma; bestowing onto the dubstep world a fresh take on captivating sound system music through the context of its sinister sonic fibers.

Out now so lock purchase yours here.