[Q&A] Borgore Comes Clean
[Q&A] Borgore Comes Clean Photo by Cybele Malinowski

Israeli native Asaf Borger, better recognized by his stage name Borgore, has solidified himself in the game as nothing short of a legend. Proving himself as a force to be reckoned with—whether by his savvy use of social media or his unique approach to bass music—there’s no denying that Borgore has a loyal and ever-growing fan base.

With multiple chart topping hits like “Ice Cream,” “Decisions,” and “100s,” in addition to launching his own Buygore Records and a jaw-dropping debut album, the aptly titled #NEWGOREORDER, it’s no wonder that the self-proclaimed booty enthusiast continues to consistently earn top draw at some of the biggest festivals in the world.

After he brought down the house on the Chopping Block at Escape only a few weeks ago, we checked in with the man behind the myth during his annual Safe in Sound tour to talk about life on the road and where Buygore Records and bass music in general is headed in the New Year.

I still haven't learned to deal with stage fright. You’ll never catch me looking out directly into the crowd, because it scares me.

How’s the tour going?
Really good, actually! I’m somehow keeping a very healthy tour schedule lately so that’s been a perk!

What’s been the best stop so far?
I don’t really have a favorite because they’re really fun in different ways. Small venues are more intimate with crazier vibes, while bigger venues have those undeniable festival vibes. Every show has something special to offer; I love it. I’m really excited for all the stops, to be honest, as I try to be the best and play the best sets possible at every stop. Consistency is key.

You also just celebrated your birthday on the road!
I did! That was fun. Usually I’ll just party for a day and call it a birthday, but since I’m on tour, my friends planned a birthday week-and-a-half so that was a blast!

Which tracks are doing the most damage right now for you?
The crowd always responds really, really well to my classics, but songs like “100s” get the crowd moving as well. I’ve been testing out a few unreleased tracks, like a collaboration I have coming out with Juicy J. That gets the crowd going nuts. Excision’s “Throwin’ Elbows” is a surefire way to get the crowd amped as well.

What are the essentials you bring with you on tour?
Justin, who is my tour manager; my computer, of course; a phone that works; I actually have two just in case one doesn’t work; climbing shoes and sweatpants, because I can’t fly in jeans.

How do you clear your mind before each show?
Sometimes Justin and I will do a push up competition in the green room. Before every show there’s always meet and greets or interviews and just general things to do prior so you really just have to hop on stage and do your thing. I still haven’t learned to deal with stage fright, though. You’ll never catch me looking out directly into the crowd, because it scares me. I always look down at my CDJs or up in the sky, but never directly in the crowd.

“Daddy” hints at your musical roots; was that your intention?
Yes, definitely! Since I’m headlining this bass-heavy tour, I really just wanted to create one nostalgic track. The rest of my releases this year are going to be some new sounds. One of them is completely different from what I’ve made before, it almost doesn’t even sound like something I would make, which is really funny because it’s actually the type of music I wrote while growing up. Another one of my upcoming releases is totally 2016 dubstep, very current.

Buygore is now six years old! How would you describe the evolution of the label?
It started as a very small, dubstep-centric label and naturally just evolved over time. We were one of the first labels to support trap and we released Jauz’s “Feel the Volume” six months before it was released on Mad Decent, which really kept us on top of that future bass sound. As a label, we always try to keep it one step ahead.

Any specific goals you have for the label?
I really want to get records on the radio and I really think we can make that happen! We have a super talented crew who are totally capable, so am hoping this is the year.

Talk about this link between Buygore and Armada. How did this come about?
We signed with Armada a few weeks ago. I had worked with them previously this year where we found a great connection and quickly realized that we can really help each other out a lot. They don’t really have a heavier sounding label under their umbrella so we can definitely fill that void, but they also help us hit a different demographic and get things more to the mainstream. They can particularly help us gain a fan base in Europe since we’re very L.A.-based label. There’s a lot of teamwork involved and only time will tell how it will work out, but I’m really hopeful it will be awesome!

Your sister Yael’s new EP is quite impressive. Did she record it at your studio?
I helped her out a lot but she wrote everything herself. Anything I helped with was in post-production—things like the mixdown or mastering side—and even then it was pretty minimal. She 100% produced it by herself and I don’t think that there are a lot of women out there right now doing it, so I give her a ton of props.

Speaking of props, before we go we have to give you some love for your epic set at Escape!
Thank you! The vibes were great and I played a good mix of heavy bass music with a touch of festival tracks. This stop wasn’t an official part of the Safe in Sound tour so right after my set I hopped on a jet with my family and played a show in Arizona right after. It was a crazy night!