[Q&A] Caspa’s ‘Vibration’ Series Brings on the Low-End Shivers
[Q&A] Caspa’s ‘Vibration’ Series Brings on the Low-End Shivers

The legendary Caspa continues to bring on the late night shivers as his Vibration series keeps flexing hard with each and every release. Laying the foundation with last-year’s chest-thumping “Umbongo” and following up with “Venom” and “Get Higher,” the original bassbin-bone-rattler shows no sign of easing up on the pressure any time soon.

From the crisp and crunchy top end to the warm and subaural bottom, Caspa’s latest in the form of “33 Degrees” introduces a goosebump-inducing atmosphere that has already being causing serious damage on the dancefloor this summer. Cosmic in scope and yet firmly grounded in the primordial double-helix of classic dubstep bangers, Caspa has hinted that he’s sitting on an unholy stash of tunes he’s aching to cut loose into the stratosphere so we thought we’d check in with him and see if we could get a glimpse into the ‘Vibration’ madness still to come.

Caspa’s “33 Degrees” is out now via Sub Soldiers so lock yours in here.

It seems you’ve found a whole new lane of creativity with the Vibrations series. What’s behind this new wave of inspiration we’re sensing in your work?
I’ve been working hard in the studio for the last two years solid, trying to develop my sound and style and take it up a notch. The last 10 years have been so manic for me that I’ve never really got the chance to get deep and explore everything I wanted so taking a step back on shows and touring has allowed me to get back to having the fun. I can now write music because I want to, not because I have to.

Do you usually road test tunes before you release them? If so, did any of these recent bits get taken back to the lab and reworked before they reached the release stage?
Yes, most definitely—that’s really the whole process of finishing a track for me. It’s all about hearing it on a big rig because that really what it’s made for. The real art is knowing when to leave the track and put it in the finish folder. I’m still trying to work that out myself!

The video for “Get Higher” is so next level! Have you got any more visuals planned for the series?
Yeah, its trippy and one of my favorite music videos I’ve done. The guy that shot, produced and edited the whole thing is Ashley King at Video Content Factory. A talented guy indeed! We are working on more stuff together and will be dropping something for every track coming up!

Speaking of upcoming tunes, exactly how many more are still in the bag and awaiting official release as part of the Vibrations series?
I just dropped “33 Degrees” and there are two more in the pipeline ready to go. Beyond that, I’ve never had so much unreleased music around me—it’s a great feeling. Really it comes down to me finishing tracks and putting them in the finished folder! The plan is to keep dropping the music as long as I’m happy with it

You have had a long and, quite frankly, epic career so far. What’s the secret to keeping your sound so fresh?
I’m writing music that I love and that I want to hear. I’m not watching anyone else or trying to stay up on trends or be current. I’m just trying to be consistent. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had bumps, knocks and some self-doubt along the way but I’m just being me and that’s why I’m still doing it.

How do you balance studio time with touring? Is it still hard to manage or have you found a way to make it work?
It’s a vicious cycle especially in the 2017 climate, where everything is moving and changing so quickly. On one hand you want to be doing shows and touring so you can be testing new music but on the other hand when you’re touring so much the writing suffers and that’s what feeds the bookings. The releases become your business card. I have to be in a studio to write, I can’t be on a laptop in a hotel room knocking out tracks it’s just not the vibe for me. As a result, I’ve just decided to strip it back and do the shows that I really want that way I can keep a healthy balance of releasing music and touring.

Are we going to see another Caspa & Rusko EP in the near future? EP 2 was brilliant.
Thanks, man. Nothing planned but there is enough music on the hard drive to make up another three EPs. Now more than anything else though, I just want Rusko to get back to 100% health. That’s the main focus right now

Lastly, if you could get a collab session going in the studio with any musician, from any genre…who would it be and why?
A lot of my stuff since the Alpha Omega and 500 albums has been very cinematic sounding and that’s really carried over to the Vibrations series also. So, if I had a chance to select someone it would have to be Hans Zimmer. For those who don’t know, he’s the guy that does all the big Hollywood film scores like Inception, The Dark Knight, Gladiator, etc. I think we could do something very special and interesting together.