Bleep Bloop - Promo Photo - 2016.2

Bleep Bloop continues to reign supreme with a vision that is never afraid to push boundaries and mash up a variety of influences into a sound all is own. Bringing that heavyweight swagged-out West Coast vibe to the dancefloor, the glitchy hybrid trap-and-bass burners that he continues to drop bridge the gap between the basement head-trippers and the festival masses down to wild it out.

On a mission to bring the very best the bass music scene has to offer, it should come as no surprise that Bassrush Records was able to snag their next cut on the imprint from Bleep Bloop himself. Releasing the aptly titled “Venom” for free [see the download link below], Bleep Bloop sprinkles an aura of low-key sickness over the proceedings before hitting it hard with a shivering bottom end sure to make your hair stand on end.

To get a sense of the twisted mind behind these equally twisted beats, check the in-depth interview with the screwfaced bad boy himself below and keep your eyes, ears, and brainwaves open for more bass-drenched goodness from Bleep Bloop soon.

2016 has been an epic year for you. You’ve been getting mad festival play on top of this huge tour with Liquid Stranger, looking back what are some of your own favorite memories?
I’d say my favorite moments were the “Martial Arts lessons of the day” with Liquid Stranger on tour. He holds multiple black belts so he has a lot to share. I’m sure he’d be willing to give these lessons to others too.

How do you describe your sound/vibe for those who don’t know? Especially for those outside of the scene, how do you describe what you “do” when people ask?
I make synthesizer recordings set to drums and kind of wing it from there. I guess it’s experimental bass music or something along those lines.

Your sound is mad eclectic and your alliance with heads like DJ Shadow and Liquid Stranger seems to suggest a subgenre within the larger genre of festival dubstep/trap, etc. How are you approaching genre when you’re making music and do you get the sense that you and your crew are on a slightly different tip than what the more mainstream bass music heads are producing?
I don’t think about genres ever honestly. I love my friends in the industry, and I love their music, but I don’t love them because of the genre of music they make. I love them because they are wonderful people. As far as the sound goes, it’s just what the inside of my head sounds like. My brain.

Fill us in on the story behind this cut you’re dropping for Bassrush Records. With all the political bullshit in the air, is there a political message hiding in the title of the tune?
The song is called “Venom” and is just a song I made for fun. It’s about a rare kind of snake that is only found on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. The song is kind of old and didn’t have any political angle when I was making it but I do wish Hillary was going to the next president instead of that fucking orange-faced, small-handed, son of a Klansman that we have next. Honestly, I wish we had Bernie over either of them. I think it’s important for people with a following to make it known that they don’t fuck with hatred and bigotry. I’m not going to make protest music but I’m definitely going to let people know what I think about stuff.

We’ve also noticed you’re making headway in the merch game—fill us in on the details of the Pentocular Guwop line? What does that name even mean?
Five eyed Gucci
Get it while it’s hot
Gary paintin’ design
Gary does all of my art, including the art for this release, and it’s all spicy af.

Where do you see yourself headed in the new year?
2017 is def the year of making even more beats.

Any final shout-outs before we go?
Shout-outs my synthesizer and shout-outs to the cosmos. Shouts-outs to y’all.