[Q&A] Jayceeoh Drops the Hammer with the Latest ‘Super 7’ Mixtape
[Q&A] Jayceeoh Drops the Hammer with the Latest ‘Super 7’ Mixtape

Coming at you with the latest edition of his Super 7 mixtape series, Jayceeoh promises that the eighth volume in the already epic series elevates the entire project to the next level! Featuring seven artists in the cut, Jayceeoh turns his hand-selected guests loose, armed with nothing more than the guideline of submitting a ten-minute power mix featuring originals, remixes, edits, and unreleased tunes. Once all seven of the artists have submitted their mixes, Jayceeoh stitches them together as only he can to do create the 70-minute madness of Super 7.

With this eighth version in the series featuring the likes of Ephwurd, Virtual Riot, Team Ezy, Quix, Dirtyphonics, Crizzly, and of course, the bossman Jayceeoh himself, there’s no denying that listeners are in for a wild bassbin-rattling ride through the dark side!

As Jayceeoh himself tells us, “The series has grown with me as an artist and progresses every volume. My goal is always to showcase who I view to be some of the top artists in the electronic music scene. I choose people who are not only great producers but also value the art of DJing.”

It’s a sentiment that Dirtyphonics echo when asked about their own contribution to the cause: “Having only 10 minutes to showcase what we do is the challenged that Jayceeoh gave us, and we happily accepted. The Super 7 mix series always brings the dope homies together to create a fast-paced multi-genre mix of the best and brand new songs you have to listen to! Big up to Jayceeoh for putting this together!”

While heads like Virtual Riot are “super stoked to be a part of this mix alongside all these heavyweight artists,” it’s not only the “amazing opportunity to preview some new stuff,” but that challenge of hammering it all home within the allotted 10-minute timeframe that really seems to push each artist to display their very best.

With each artist unaware of what kind of heat the other guests are bringing, Jayceeoh is the first to admit that the format is what lends itself to a natural competitive space where each artist is trying to “flex their sound and style to the world.”

“It’s really a challenge to fit everything into that time,” Jayceeoh continues. “And not one second is wasted on this 70-minute behemoth of a mix. There is a 100% chance you will lose your shit and be searching for the endless amount of exclusives, IDs, and world premieres on this mix. It is an honor to partner with Insomniac to help bring this bad boy to masses. Enjoy!”

Powered by Insomniac Records and straight up designed to wreck shop, be sure to snag this free download below and lock in your tickets to the Monstercat Uncaged tour touching down on October 20 (info/tix here) featuring Pegboard Nerds and Jayceeoh himself in the mix.