[Q&A] Liz-E Keeps it Fresh
[Q&A] Liz-E Keeps it Fresh

Meet Liz-E, your new #WCW. Standing out amongst the mightiest in the male dominated den of drum & bass, her productions continue to stand out and earn her accolades. From landing on Shogun’s SGN:LTD in 2013 and now catching the ear of Viper Recordings, Liz-E seems comfortable in the charts where her summer slammer “Synchronize” continues to dominate. Diversifying her palate with every new release, Liz-E aims to keep the dancefloor well versed on her latest sounds so we thought we’d check in with the self-proclaimed “beat maker and booty shaker” for a glimpse into what the future holds.

How are you? How has the summer been treating you in England?
I’m great, thanks! Summer’s been good so far. The weather has been amazing.

You’re a very versatile producer—we’ve heard everything from liquid to jump up come from your speakers.
Thanks, I like to experiment as much as possible. I never really plan what I’m going to make I just mess around until I get good ideas.

 2016 seems to be a great year for you with tracks like “Synchronize” being one of our personal favorites. How did Viper Recordings come to hear about this tune?
I’m a big fan of the label and I thought I’d try my luck by sending the track over and I guess my luck came in!

Does it have a special meaning for you?
I was just messing around with some cool string samples and the melody came together pretty quickly. There was no real meaning behind the track, it just almost completed itself.

Tell us about your new track “Rapture”?
Went a bit darker on this one. I was listening to a lot of techy drum & bass at the time and it put me in the mood to make something a bit bass heavy.

Tell us about “Ducks and Ladders.” This one seems like something more suited for the dancefloor as opposed to the smooth liquid tracks you’ve been putting out.
I just thought everything at the time sounded like ducks and frogs and ladders so I made a track with ducks in it. Just being honest. (Laughs)

Does that track have a home just yet?
It’s a dubplate for now, but soon it may have a home.

Most know you for your D&B productions but some of your first releases were actually dubstep. Are you still making or listening to dubstep?
No, not really. I used dubstep as a starting point for my production and I still do enjoy dabbling with that tempo but I find myself concentrating mainly on drum & bass at the moment.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals that help you relax before hitting the stage?
Drink tea, smoke, then panic and throw up. (Laughs) I do like to have a tea, though.

You’re also quite the film buff. What are some of your favorite types of films?
I love old movies, anything from the ‘80s and early ‘90s!

What was the last movie your saw in theaters and at home?
Labyrinth at home Suicide Squad at the cinema.