[Q&A] Nightcrawlin’ with DISKORD
[Q&A] Nightcrawlin’ with DISKORD

The Bristol-based DISKORD have gained an enormous amount of recognition since their alliance formed just a short time ago. From playing shows all over the US and the UK to a stacked roster of heavy hitting tracks on heavyweight imprints including Circus Records, DISKORD has proved to the masses that they’re a force to be reckoned with as they’ve climbed to the top of the charts release after release.

With a distinct sound that continues to set them apart, DISKORD have built an impressive portfolio of tracks that range everywhere from trap-infused 808 illness to upbeat drum & bass bangers sure to appeal to any seasoned basshead. No matter which BPM they touch, there is no mistaking the distinct sound of DISKORD that is sure to get you out on the dancefloor.

Taking time out of their busy schedules, DISKORD stopped in to chat it up with Team Bassrush about their career, their unique sound, and what the future holds for the Bristol boys.

The past month has been a busy one for you guys! From your Apashe remix to your collab with Zeds Dead and Reija Lee to “Stranger” and now this Nightcrawler mix you just dropped on us featuring previews from your upcoming EP. How has the reaction been from your fans?
Honestly, the reaction we’re getting to all our music at the moment is very humbling. We feel like we really go that extra mile with our music and it’s great that our fans can see that. Sometimes we take a little too long getting each song right but we firmly believe that being perfectionists with our music is what we want to be known for.

Earlier this year you also released your War EP via Circus Records. What was the writing process for that one like?
We nearly always pick a theme for the track before we start writing it or very early on in the writing process. It helps dictate where the song is going rather than just blindly building the track. That method works for a lot of people but we always like to have ideas for the song from the get go. The war theme came from the vocal we received from Mikey Caesar. It seemed like a strong idea to build the EP around.

If you had to pick a favorite track from the release, which would it be?
It’s always tough answering these ones as we love all our music. We’ll go with “U&I” as we knew it was gonna do damage in the clubs and we couldn’t wait to show it to fans. It still gets an amazing reaction in the clubs!

Tell us a little bit about your production style since you have two creative minds at work.
We were both making dance music individually before we came together to form DISKORD. From a drunken conversation one night at a party we both knew we were on exactly the same page when it came to what we thought was good about dance music. The DISKORD project is very different from what either of us had done before but it’s extremely rare for us to disagree over ideas when we’re writing. We trust each other’s judgement on what sounds good and (as yet) no blood has been spilled in the studio!

When performing, we much prefer playing as a duo than individually. You can vibe off each other and take time to be in the moment and enjoy the gig more than when we play solo shows. We cram a lot into the shows and mix fast so when you’re playing solo you almost go into autopilot and don’t take time to actually enjoy what it is you’re doing.

You guys have been able to create a name for yourselves in an ever-evolving scene in such a short period of time. What’s your strategy for continuing to adapt and evolve alongside it?
The main reason we started DISKORD was because we felt we needed to move on from our individual projects. We wanted to have the freedom to experiment with different styles and ideas which is exactly what we have done with DISKORD. If you go through our discography you can see we’ve written all sorts of different styles. The scene we are in embraces experimentation and that suits us. We’ll continue to move with an ever-changing scene and hopefully play a part in where it goes too.

Any upcoming plans in the works you can share with us?
It’s all a bit crazy at the moment, we have so much going on. The first of a string of collaborations dropped last month which is our song “Blood Brother” with Zeds Dead and Reija Lee. We are also putting the final touches to our next EP for Circus which we are super excited for. Lots more gigs to announce as well. Things are good.

Any special shoutouts you’d like to give before we wrap things up?
Just that we appreciate each and every one of you supporting our music (and) coming to our shows. Without your support we couldn’t do this.