Party Thieves Set to Rock the Escape “Block” Party
Party Thieves Set to Rock the Escape “Block” Party

Snagging the attention of Insomniac is no easy feat, and after winning the EDC Las Vegas 2015 Discovery Project, producer/DJ Jared McFarlin—Mr. Party Thieves himself—has seen little downtime since. The official “unicorn of trap” remains on a constant grind, enlisting new recruits across the world for his ever-growing “Theft Army.”

Currently on tour in Australia—presumably petting koalas and slaying shows—Party Thieves took a moment to chat about what his personal life was like before he was “discovered,” as well as share revealing info on future collabs with veteran trap lords like UZ, Flosstradamus and Stooki Sound. He even weighs in on the Carnage tutorial drama.

If you’re hitting up Escape: Psycho Circus this weekend in SoCal, don’t miss his appearance at the Chopping Block for Bassrush’s Friday takeover. Still haven’t copped your tickets? Be sure to grab them here and prepare for a rare trap unicorn sighting.

I don't know Carnage personally and have never been in the studio with him, but whether or not people like his production he sells out venues so you can't really say much.

Tell us a little about your life before and after winning the Insomniac Discovery Project?
I attended West Point [United States Military Academy] for four years and was set off for further Army life, but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and now I’m blessed to be returning from an Australian tour about to play an amazing festival in California. The connections and friendships I’ve made after winning the Discovery Project have been priceless. Insomniac has a great team that continues to show me support.

We appreciate what you do! How has your experience been on the road?
It’s quite tiring but I wouldn’t trade the opportunities for anything. Getting to experience so many cultures and people is probably my favorite part. Between my Australian agency and my US agency I’ve been kept pretty busy.

Best moment in Australia?

Banger of the tour?
My new track “Rise” with my side project Lazy Boyz has definitely brought down ceilings in every venue out here in Australia!

“Rise” is such a dope tune. Who are the Lazy Boyz?
Lazy Boyz started as a small side project I had developed with fellow member Aaron Hewitt of Ontario. [After] setting the project up around February we brought on the newest member, Trevor Vesneski of L.A., about two months ago. Since then we have been a power team cranking out some big tunes.

Do you have any new music in the works?
I’ve been working real hard in the studio with so many amazing artists. I’m currently finishing up my first solo EP as well as some big collabs with Stooki Sound, Mako, UZ, Jaykode and so many others! I think it’s pretty much out there that I also have a collab in the works with my brothers Flosstradamus.

There are rumors that you might release a sample pack. What are those plans?
I have always wanted to make a sample pack or tutorial for my followers but have been focusing on my own production first. I think once the EP is finalized and wrapped up I will release the sample pack around end of this year or early next year. I want to really make it unique and have some value to people that pick it up.

Speaking of trap tutorials, what’s your take on the whole Carnage production debacle?
I’m probably one of the least technical producers so I was pretty much able to keep up with his lingo. [Laughs] On a more serious note, I try not to give too much opinion on other producers work and stay in my own lane. I don’t know Carnage personally and have never been in the studio with him, but whether or not people like his production he sells out venues so you can’t really say much.

You’re no stranger to sold-out festivals; we have you on our Bassrush Chopping Block. Which artists on the bill are you excited to see?
There are so many great acts and friends that I’ll be able to see! I think I’m pretty excited to see Flux because he is actually the only one on the Chopping Block that I haven’t seen live yet!

Are you planning on dressing up?
Oh, I have quite a surprise for Escape. The whole squad has been prepped and ready.