[Q&A] Ponicz Causes a Ruckus with His ‘Shoot Out’ EP
[Q&A] Ponicz Causes a Ruckus with His ‘Shoot Out’ EP

The UK-based floor killer known as Ponicz resurfaces on NSD: Black Label with his aptly titled Shoot Out EP, packed with a healthy dose of bass. Known for his hip-hop-influenced beats that quickly drop into ferocious bass bombs sure to shake you to your core, Ponicz meets and exceeds all expectations on this one. Since audio of the project has hit the streets, it’s taken the bass music community by storm, crushing all who step up.

To celebrate the continued success of the one like Ponicz, Team Bassrush took a minute to catch up with the man himself and chat about the EP, his upcoming North American tour, and everything else he’s got under wraps. So get to stepping and cop your own copy of the Shoot Out EP here before checking the exclusive Q&A with Ponicz below.

Your new EP is massive! Tell us how the relationship with NSD began.
Thank you, much appreciated! Got approached by the lord SKisM on Twitter at the start of the 2016. He said he loved my stuff, asked for more, and the rest is history.

What was your writing process like for this EP?
Straight after the success of my Technicolour EP, I immediately started to write the next one with an exact idea of how I wanted this one to sound. Everything turned out how I wanted it.

What’s the feedback been like?
I must say feedback from the fans about the new EP has been the best I’ve received to date! Even so, there’s a few saying that they don’t like the new sound. Tell them I had to freshen up my sound with all the manipulated noise that’s plagued the scene.

Is there any track you’re particularly proud of?
To be honest, [and this is] the first time I’ve been able to say this, but I’m proud of all the tracks that have been presented on my new EP.

Is there a particular story you’re telling on this project?
Yes, especially with the track “Better Dayz.” I wanted to incorporate the energy of my younger raving years when I used attend hardcore/bounce events! That’s the reason for the off-beat DONK build up.

Is your track Riddim of the Future” hinting at where you believe the future of riddim is headed?
Not exactly, but I hope it inspires others to step outside the box when it comes to making riddim.

You just announced a North American tour beginning in March. Are you excited to play these tracks out in the States?
Since I’ve been receiving nothing but good feedback from those that have been dropping the EP, I really can’t wait to experience the reactions for myself.

Any special news you can share with us regarding any upcoming projects?
All I can say at the moment is that I’m currently writing my next EP for a label that I once dreamed of releasing with; keep your eyes peeled.

Any special shouts before we go?
Shouts to my fans and supporters that have kept me going over the past years!