Snails Slithers His Way To The Top
Snails Slithers His Way To The Top

Elusive and mysterious, the man they call Snails is a Montreal-based producer and DJ who has quickly risen to the top of the ranks when it comes to party-style trap and bass. Bassrush followed his trail to get educated on the origin of “vomitstep,” the current state of trap, and his recent collabs with Brillz and Jack Ü.

You’ve been busy touring Asia and Australia. Are you feeling the love for dubstep abroad?

Oh yes, Australia was totally crazy. It was so cool to head out there and see the reception to my sound. Shows and fans in the states have been so great, it’s so cool and rewarding to receive similar feedback overseas. The people and countries are just amazing as well. Can’t wait to go back.

Which tracks are doing the most damage at the moment?

These three tracks have been slaying dancefloors every set I’ve played them: Ookay’s “Egg Drop Soup,” Destroid’s “Bounce” (VIP), and Hexes’ remix of Kriss Kross’ “Jump.”

What’s the one thing you miss most while on tour?

Probably my kitchen and all my Montreal homies. Everyone knows I’m the taco king and I just love cooking in general. I can’t complain about heading to restaurants with friends and producers on the road. Apart from that, my production setup at home is where it all started for me. [I] always love to be there in my den.

Tell us about the origin of “vomitstep.” How did it come about?

I’ve always been a huge fan of sound design; it’s what caught my attention and really started my love of electronic music. The weirder it is, the more I like it. I guess as I kept producing, the weird got the best of me and the vomit became my instrument.

How do you feel about the current state of trap?

I feel really good about it. It’s nice to see it going in so many directions with the hybrid sound. Audiences are also enjoying variations that are a bit less in your face. I think it’s generally a great time for music across all genres.

We loved your bootleg with Brillz of “Crazy” by Lil Boosie. Do you have any other collaborations in the works?

On top of being on tour with him, working with Brillz was like a dream come true.  As I started producing, he was a huge inspiration. He’s been such a big factor in the trap scene and he was so supportive of me. I’m so happy with the track and the reception it’s had. Several others are on their way, actually the one I did with Jack Ü just came out days ago. That’s another one I’m super proud of. A few years ago, if you told me I’d be doing a track with Skrillex and Diplo, I would have thought you were insane.

Your music covers a range of influences. What was the first song that caught your ear in dance music?

I was a DJ first so I’ve always been inspired by dance tracks that really get people moving. For example, “Streetwalker” by Duke Dumont has always been a favorite of mine, even though that might not be obvious at first in my productions. I have to admit that the first time I heard “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex my jaw dropped. It gave me so many ideas about the direction music could go.

Volume two of SNAILEDIT! Welcome To Slugz City is coming soon. What can we expect to hear this time around?

Oh, it’s so omega! I’m all about discovering new sounds and pushing them out there. Volume One received such a huge reaction, so I cannot wait to see the reaction to Volume Two. I have so many bangers and unreleased tracks in the next one.

What’s next for Snails?

A lot of shows are lined up. This Saturday I’m playing at the Palladium in L.A. with the homies Bro Safari and Zomboy. That’s going to be massive. Apart from that I have a busy schedule over the next months with club and festival dates! Electric Forest is another one I’m super excited about. I’ve never played it before and heard so many great things. Expect me to bring the vomitstep everywhere!