[Q&A] TC Fuels Your Weekend
[Q&A] TC Fuels Your Weekend

Energized by his unforgettable set at this past weekend’s Bassrush Massive, Tom Casswell (better known by his TC moniker) couldn’t be happier. Having transitioned from underground hero to major recording artist, the anthem king talks about staying afloat in the scene and his electrifying collaboration with Wilkinson, “Hit The Floor.”

You absolutely killed the stage at Bassrush. What was you favorite moment from the show?
First off I’ve got to say that it was an incredible show! It’s a great feeling to come and represent D&B for Bassrush. My favorite moment has to be when I dropped a bootleg remix of Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says.” I love to look out into the crowd and see how hard each tune drops.

You’ve discovered that a D&B promoter has a pretty thankless job. What made you come to this realization?
I play every weekend in a different city and I meet many promoters. I have the most respect for them; they are the ones taking the gamble every show. I think in every major city in the world there are at least two or three promoters working their asses off to make D&B nights happen, and without [those] nights the music would [be] a very different beast. It’s all sound system culture at the end of the day. Thanks again to the promoters for [their] hard work!

Your ability to evolve with the ever-changing drum & bass scene is impressive. How would you say your sound has changed from the days of “Where’s My Money?”
No artist wants to stand still. I love how drum & bass, with all of its limitations, is so creative—a genre with so many styles and flavors. I like to think that my sound just develops with all the things I learn. I love studio life but sometimes it’s about getting out of the studio to make music in your mind before creating it.

Will there ever be a follow-up to your epic collaboration with Wilkinson, “Hit the Floor?”
I would really like to work with Wilkinson again. He is an awesome producer and super nice guy. I would love to do more of a song-based record next time; I think it could be interesting. Watch this space!

Sharing your current picks with fans across the world via your SoundCloud playlist, Three Tunes To Fuel Your Weekend, is a brilliant concept. When did you come up with the idea?
I am really passionate about what I do and I love to share the music that I am feeling with as many people as I can. I want to share the love.

Why the decision to release The Countdown EP for free?
I just thought it would be a great gift to the fans and DJs that supported me all year.

Your chart-topping remixes always seem to pack a punch. If you could get the rights to remix any tune you wanted, what would the first one be?
I think I would have to say something from the Prodigy’s first album or Moby’s “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad.” There are just too many tunes that I love so much; each one has a story for me.

Name a record in your collection that is very dear to you, and why?
Bad Company’s “The Nine,” because all the copies I have are completely worn out!

What’s your lighters-up end of the night tune?
Bob Marley and the Wailers’ “One Love.”