[Q&A] UZ Keeps It Fresh in Stockholm
[Q&A] UZ Keeps It Fresh in Stockholm

Let’s be honest—you are not ready for what UZ and Quality Goods Records have in store for 2017. On the deadly and infectious single “Stockholm White,” UZ enlisted the talents of acclaimed vocal goddess Elliphant along with trap production wizards Two Fresh. Packed with some creative drum programming and clever edits, “Stockholm White” certainly earns its place on the dance charts.

Now that the dust has settled, Bassrush snags a candid moment with the don himself who reveals some of the secrets behind the making of the fiery banger, along with his current favorite selection of neck-breaking, sweat-drenched trap.

Tell us about linking with Elliphant?
I’ve worked with [her] before. She recorded all the vocals where she lives and sent me everything.

Where was the track recorded?
We started the track at my place with Two Fresh a few months ago. After a few hours we had a solid idea, [then] they came back a second time and we worked on the second drop. I finished the sequencing and mixdown by myself and went to their studio for final touches.

Which VSTs were integral to the making of this track?
I’d say Kontakt is the VST I use the most in every production. I’m planning on buying a couple of analog synths in the next few months.

Did you mess around with anything analog?
Unfortunately I sold all my analog gear a few years ago and we only used my studio computer and Cubase 7.5.

What sculpted the direction of “Stockholm White”?

I had a simple melody that I recorded earlier and we started writing the bass around it. Two Fresh started adding percussion sounds to it [and] it was flowing really great. For the first drop I used a vocal sample that we chopped up, made a big fat beat with 808, and that was it for the first part.

The second part was more fun for me, as I love to make melodies with percussion sounds using Kontakt. Once all that was done, I changed the tone of the whole song because elements like the bass were sounding too low and it lost a lot of energy. I asked Two Fresh if they were down to have Elliphant so I contacted her and she recorded the vocals within a few weeks. The rest is history!

Purchase “Stockholm White” here via Quality Goods Records.