Zomboy Descends Upon L.A.
Zomboy Descends Upon L.A.

A sickness is spreading among ravers in America and the only antidote is a night of bass therapy with Zomboy. In addition to releasing his chart-topping Resurrected LP this summer and murking the entire nation on the epic Safe In Sound Festival, Zomboy—alongside Eptic, LAXX and MUST DIE!—is set to deliver on yet another unforgettable Bassrush takeover of Downtown L.A.

We had quick chat with the ‘boy known as Josh Mellody to get the scoop on what kind of new tunes he’s preparing to unleash tonight, as well as some of his favorite grub spots around the southland. If you don’t already have tickets, pick yours up here.

Most of our time spent backstage is not what people think. We mostly sit around eating chips, dips, and working on our Snapchat game.

Where are you at this very moment?
I’m currently on a flight to L.A. working on new music and sipping on cheap airline red wine.

New music, that’s what we like to hear. What’s the current Zomboy sound?
I’ve mostly been working on a lot of hybrid dubstep/trap as well as straight up toe-tapping dubstep. It’s what I’ve always liked and its what’s been working the best out on the dancefloor!

Any special collabs in the works you can tell us about?
Sadly none I can disclose right now. We producers love to start random collabs with each other then realize they’re terrible so we can’t go announcing them until we know for sure it’s going to be released! All I can say is there are some biggies!

Which tracks stand out to you as bangers from the tour?
The song I’ve heard in everyone’s set is Eptic’s “The End” (Carnage Edit), but a lot of my new dubplates have been receiving some of the strongest feedback, which is really reassuring!

Can you tell us a little bit about what fans can expect tonight?
To be honest, a good 70% of my sets are now originals or remixes of mine, which as an artist feels great! Other than that it’s a lot of label buddies like MUST DIE!, Eptic [and] LAXX, along with the classics from Skrillex, Kill the Noise, and some of the newer guys like Snails and Ephwurd.

What’s been your most memorable tour stop so far?
So far the two most memorable stops have been Denver and Seattle, both huge shows as they were both competing for the bass capital trophy in my eyes.

What kind of backstage shenanigans are you guys getting into?
Honestly, most of our time spent backstage is not what people think. We mostly sit around eating chips, dips, and working on our Snapchat game.

We’ve seen you putting in some major airtime behind the decks. Have you encountered any injuries while pulling off those sky high jumps?
Oh many! I twist my ankle regularly and on occasion completely misjudge when the floor is coming and just crumble on the floor like a heap of dog crap. No pain, no gain.

Now that you’re back in LA, what’s your can’t-miss restaurant?
I have two go-to places,which are Cafe Med on Sunset which is, outside of Italy, the best Italian restaurant I’ve ever eaten in. The second is Sushi Roku down near the Beverly Center as they do some amazing fusion sushi that will blow your mind!

You’ve got a huge fanbase here and we can’t want for you to slaughter the Exchange tonight. What’s coolest gift you’ve received from a fan?
I’ve received so many awesome things from fans but my most memorable one has to be a hand-carved wooden Zomboy-mask. This kid had clearly put a lot of time and effort into it so I have it hung on my wall.