Quadrant “Offset”
Quadrant “Offset”

DLR’s Sofa Sound imprint continues to power ahead in its ongoing quest to ride the razor’s edge of cutting edge drum and bass with the imminent arrival of its 15-track Sofa King Sick Chapter 1 compilation album. Born and based out of Bristol, DLR has leveraged his own impeccable taste as a DJ and producer into creating a space where new talent can shine alongside certified legends. Reflecting the break-heavy dancefloor hypnotism of DLR’s own output, Sofa Sound has evolved from a personal outlet for his own productions into a creative hotbed for artists to flex in often new and surprising ways.

“Who knew Sofa Sound would be releasing a compilation full of incredible artists just over a year after its launch,” DLR tells us. “I certainly didn’t have a clue. That’s what I love about what’s happening here: you’re witnessing something that was very unplanned and extremely organic. I set up this label to release my own music but in the past year I’ve been flooded with all sorts of different amazing styles of DnB and the music is good, really good, which genuinely has been a nice surprise for me as I struggle to find music to play in my set that speaks to me, let alone music that I would love to release on my own label.”

Paired with the imprint is its recognizable visual identity crafted by the artist Adam Menzies. DLR is quick to point out that the visuals aren’t an afterthought but equally important to the music and the full experience. Stacked with 15 tracks from the likes of DLR, Hybris, Break and Randall, it’s this exquisite cut by the States’ own Quadrant that instantly caught our attention and which we are proud to offer up as a Bassrush premiere today.

Titled “Offset,” the cut features Quadrant doing what he does best in merging epic atmospheres with a sick groove built on the hybrid DNA of classic tech-step and neurofunk. With an ever-evolving percussive hook pushing things forward over a heavyweight bassline, the portal Quadrant opens up on this one offers a proper glimpse into the Sofa King Sick Chapter 1 album project as a whole.

Speaking of which, the compilation album drops April 5 via Sofa Sound so lock your pre-order in here before diving headfirst into Quadrant’s “Offset” below.