Photo by Antonio Vasquez

The Swiss duo known as QZB level up with a mindblowing five-tracker for Critical Music. While all the tracks on the aptly titled Delirium EP ride that fine line between headphone hypnotism and dancefloor fire, we’re stoked to be able to premiere one of our favorite cuts off the EP: “Tech Priest.”

Techno shaman vibes introduce us to the proceedings as the arpeggiated top line spirals its way to the breaking point. Once the tune proper opens up expect the bassbin to kick in and suck the air right out of your lungs. Intricate details tickle the synapses while the ever-evolving hook keeps things at a proper sizzle all the way through.

Stack this one alongside four other exquisite cuts from QZB and you’ve got the makings of an essential EP for those who like to dive headfirst into the deeper side of the dancefloor. From the shivering groove of “Underneath” to the little left-field swagger on “Delirium” all the way to the VIP turn of “Take It All” with Charli Brix and the future funk collab with Inward, Hanzo, and Randie on “Spezs,” there’s no denying that QZB is in top form.

The full Delirium EP drops June 21 but you can preorder your vinyl and digital versions of this essential release here.